What is SSN?

SSN connects merchants and payment providers to enable customers to use any payment method in Cambodia with any merchant for their purchase. SSN is a common unified ledger which records payment authorizations by customers with payment provider for merchants in a secure and immutable way.

We are a merchant, why should we join SSN?

Joining SSN gets you instant access to all payment options in Cambodia, from a single dashboard in 30 minutes or less. SSN provides an easy to use the dashboard to keep track of all payments authorized by payment channels you enabled. No monthly settlement, funds are available the moment they are authorized and the authorization is shown in your SSN merchant account.

No more missing payment authorization, due to lost records or missing confirmations. Payment authorizations are immutable and can be verified by all parties independently, no disputes with customers or payment providers.

If your organization needs a more advanced integration, SSN has a streaming interface to stream your account transactions directly into your payment processor. No external call-back API or costly integration needed. If you need to verify invoices or customer ID's before receiving payments, SSN supports ID lookup before payment authorizations are initiated based on a simple API, integrated with your customer database.

Access to services beyond payment authorization, such as SMS delivery for purchase confirmation, integration with Facebook chat, easy refunds to customers via mobile top-up.

We are a Payment Provider, why should we join SSN?

Building your own online merchant integration system can be very costly for payment providers, requiring extensive engineering resources and time to connect the thousands of online merchants in Cambodia.

Despite investing into the resources need for merchant integration, many merchants are unable to connect with every new payment provider, due to lack of technical resources or funding and fatigue of maintaining an ever-increasing payment channel network.

SSN gives payment providers instant access to all merchants and other payment providers connected with SSN, no public APIs or costly merchant integration needed. Payment authorization can be handled within the payment providers environment, e.g. online banking or mobile application. SSN allows payment providers to focus on providing the best customer experience for managing funds, rather than focusing on online merchant integration and merchant management.

All payment confirmations are handled on the SSN blockchain, transactions are digitally signed by the issuer, stored cryptographically secured and are immutable.

The settlement will only be with one party based on tokens issued by the payment provider on the chain. Tokens can only be issued by the digital key created by the payment provider.

SSN supports an easy KYC process; if required payment providers can request individual approval for each merchant to use the payment channel. Merchant KYC documents are stored on the SSN data network as immutable objects and can be reviewed by payment providers any time.

Access to additional services, like mobile top-up or SMS delivery for OTP using the same integration SDK.

Why should I join as a merchant if I can handle all the payment by myself?

SSN can simplify your interactions with customers by providing a single interface to all payment options, thus reducing costs for your organisation. SSN is constantly expanding and adding new payment options, any new payment provider added to the network can be integrated by the merchant with a simple click in the SSN dashboard.

The SSN ledger makes it easy to account for all payments authorized by payment providers and ensure a single consistent view of all transactions. SSN is more secure than any other network in Cambodia, all transactions are digitally signed and stored as immutable objects on a cryptographically secured blockchain infrastructure. Transactions once accepted by the network cannot be removed.

Settlements are only with one party, based on tokens received, a settlement is automatic and conducted online via the SSN dashboard, saving time and resources for the merchant. No invoicing or individual payment record verification needed.

Are you competing against other payment providers?

We are not in competition with payment providers, we offer a technical solution for online merchant integration to payment providers.

Our network does not handle payment authorization or store of customer funds. We provide a unified ledger service for merchants to record transactions with payment providers.

Values show on SSN are only a representation of authorized transactions, once the transaction is settled all balances are resolved to zero.

I am a payment provider or merchant, how do I join?

Please contact our business integration team via email or phone, we will call you back within 1 business day.

What is your Privacy Policy?

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