One link will open your payment option to thousands of customers

Payment providers can offer services to all merchants on SSN, no integration with individual merchants required
Instant access to the largest consumer networks in Cambodia (Sabay Games, Tnout News, Dragon Lotto, Soyo)
Payment providers can implement KYC with merchants on SSN via account permission
Integration into the SSN framework via well-defined APIs
Easy access to additional services built on SSN such as mobile top-up, SMS gateway

How it works, for nerds

When customers follow the link on the payment page, SSN will present the user with a choice of payment options authorized by the merchant. Once the customer chooses a payment option, the customer will be redirected to the payment providers website or mobile app to enter his credentials and to approve the payment.

SSN will receive the payment authorization from the payment provider and record the authorization as a transaction on our network. Transactions, once recorded, are immutable. Once the transaction has has been recorded on the network it will show in the merchant's dashboard, and streamed on our transaction data stream. Transactions will typically be processed within 2 seconds.

The merchant can subscribe to the data stream of transactions for their account and automate processing for payments. SSN provides ready-made SDK and API to implement this option Merchants do not need an external API, or the ability to receive call-backs for received transactions.

Merchants also have the ability to integrate payment verification, meaning before the payment is executed, SSN will verify with the merchant's system if the payment request is still valid. SSN provides sample code and SDKs to implement this option.